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bhaskar chanda torontoBhaskar Chanda was born and raised in eastern India in the city of Kolkata. After completing his engineering studies from the WBUT, Bhaskar moved to Canada, where he received a Masters in Medical Sciences from the University of Alberta, as well as a PhD in Stem Cell Biology from the University of Toronto. While currently he works as a project manager and lead scientist at Universal Cells Inc, Seattle, Mr. Chanda has a number of other interests and hobbies which occupy his free time.

Bhaskar loves to travel, but he does not always have time to travel at the drop of a hat. After coming home from a long day at work, Bhaskar enjoys watching movies and sports, reading, eating good food from all over the world and exercising. On this website, you can find movie reviews and book reviews as well as write-ups on the latests sporting events and intriguing cuisine that Bhaskar has tried as of late.

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